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Gabatrix: Minerva has been listed on Amazon as Ebooks for $1.

Gabatrix: Minerva is the first book of a science fiction (space) series. A great pioneer by the name of Gabatrix has given humanity the means to traverse to other solar systems. Set in 2349, a man is set to build the first super intelligent AI at a time that its normally banned by the United Worlds' Alliance. Meanwhile, an alien threat is starting to show itself more and more on the human colonies.

The book is meant for adults since it does have an erotica/love/romance theme to it. It is also part of the Tales of Heroes series also written by me. I even have my own Patreon as well. The Patreon helps pay for the artists that work on the book covers.

The Universe of CMed is creating Stories and Books | Patreon

I am the writer of Gabatrix. I am a Veteran (Active Service) and a Naval Reservist. :)


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