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Hello everyone. My name is CMed. I am the writer of the Gabatrix and Tales of Heroes series.

I wanted to let everyone know that Gabatrix: The Terrorists of Batrice story is up on Amazon and Google Play for $1. This story is meant for adults only.

Story Synopsis: Set in 2350, the Terrorists of Batrice continues not long after the Silver Rain. A fellow UHN serviceman and pilot resides in the great Fort Batrice, the most powerful battle station in the United Worlds' Alliance. The man tries to recover from the loss of his brother but it is quickly shattered when an explosion rocks the space station.

Gabatrix is a space, science fiction, and erotica series set hundreds of years in our future. The Terrorists of Batrice is the fifth book of the series.

I also have my own Patreon Page that you can help and support me. Things like book covers are all in due thanks to the people that donate to have them made. Patrons have access to the blog pages where they can read the stories as they are being written and have free access to the marketed versions of my stories.

The Universe of CMed is creating Stories and Books | Patreon
Books by CMed on Google Play

Like anything, comments are always welcome. Take care and enjoy my stories.


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