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On the Amazon Board I discussed an idea everyone seemed to like, so I tried it. It seems to me that the Kindle is perfect to carry a reference library to Garage/yard sales and the like. Small and yet you can cram a lot of information in it. To test the idea I've created a guide to collectible (Mostly vintage) magazines. Hope I've got this right Leslie doesn't go in Bargain Books, goes in it's own thread?

In any case, introducing the first Garage Sale Guide. Expanded a bit on the information in my own price guide (published by Antique Traders) to do a guide to buying mostly vintage magazines. I'm pricing it at $ 0.99 because I really want some feedback on it. I think Kindle is ideal for this purpose you can carry a whole library of information to garage sales, flea markets, yard sales and antique malls. It's here: Garage Sale Guide #1 MAGAZINES if you're interested. Planning future volumes on books and some areas of Japanese goods: occupied Japan, Anime, Doujinshi, Manga where I have access to good information if this works out well.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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