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I found a book light I had in my night stand drawer that is working perfectly with my M-edge cover and with the Oberson cover.  It's a GE LED book light.  I can't seem to make a link.  Sorry.  I found one like mine at Jasco  The one I have is SKU17205 (Brushed silver)  $9.99.  It is very thin. 
On the M-edge cover I was able to put the clip on the upper pocket and then slide it down till it's setting on the second pocket.  I know that's not making a lot of sense.  My point is it sets there very nicely and gives a nice amount of light.  It is also so thin that it can slide into the top pocket and be tucked down so it's not making any direct contact with my Kindle.
On the Oberson I was able to make it work in a similar manner.  It also was able to slide into the pocket on the cover side and be carried in that manner.  Again, not making any contact with the Kindle.
Hope this helps anyone looking for a different light.
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