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Terry Mixon said:
Very interesting. Thanks, Robin!

As someone that writes erotic romance and erotica, I found the comparison between those two categories thought provoking.

First, I guess I never expected the number of titles to be so close, yet erotica is 52% the size of romance. And the numbers stay pretty close until they get to the $3+ range. At that point Romance make a big jump that none of the others really emulate, though fiction does have something similar early on.

The second thing I noticed when I graphed the numbers is that the number of erotica titles continued to rise right up to the $10 mark. Everything else, with the exception of childrens books had a drop at the $3-$4.99 range, and romance and fiction fell at $5. To me, that kind of indicates that erotica and childrens books might have more legs at these higher prices. Particularly the $3-$4.99 range.

I'll admit I'm not a statistician, so I could (and probably am) completely wrong. Most of the groups that sagged at the $3-$4.99 range did bounce at $5. Someone tell me where I've blown it. ;)
So far, erotica fans have been willing to pay a bit more for it. I imagine it's because erotica has been for sale in ebook form for a long time before the Kindle ever appeared, and prices and buying patterns were established. Anyway, that's why I decided to write erotica. In other genres it's hard to sell anything shorter than a novel at $2.99, and at $0.99 you just can't make much money unless your sales are exceptional.
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