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If you are writing a non-fiction book that requires any translation of original materials from German or French into English, I can do the job for you.

As a historical researcher and author, I have spent 11 years working with historical documents in both languages. One big project involved digging out hundreds of pages of century-old documents produced by German Foreign Office spies and propagandists who served in the Middle East during World War I. My client was an author writing a book on covert activities in the Middle East during this period, and throughout the research process, I had to not only find the material, but I had to translate parts of it and summarize the contents.

This project spawned a book project of my own, a scholarly edition of the diaries and reports of German Foreign Office spy and propagandist Curt Pruefer, which required the translation of hundreds of pages of documents in German and French.

I can do the same for you, so if you need such services, drop me a line at [email protected]

Translation rates start at $0.15 per word.

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