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Hello, does anyone have any experience getting their book reviewed by a booktuber? (a youtube book reviewer natch)

I suspect the majority don't look at self-published works but there must be a few?

Any help appreciated.


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You just pitch them and do outreach like with other publications. Note however that just because somebody does reviews does not recessary mean that they will sell book - or that they will be open for it for free.

A few tips:
  • successful influencers - no matter the medium - usually have built their success on a responding audience. If your offering is not a fit, they will ignore you
  • when you reach out to them, expect them to be overwhelmed by mails from authors like you - so you will have to stand out in the pitch
  • I have worked in influencer marketing professionally and would NOT recommend paying any money besides gifting them the ebook for free
  • by the same token you cannot expect somebody to read your book and be all invested in it and find out all the nuances - they might, but really they rather will want cliff notes as well as marketing material. think about it this way: how can somebody without reading your book deliver a great review and not have a lot of work with it?
  • reverse: unless you truly are a yearlong fan, skip the phoney "i am a fan of your work and your recent video about ..." as most of the simple tips and tricks would suggest -their inbox is full with this stuff
  • research the reviewer and figure out if they have provided information on how they review stuff, what they dont do etc. Don't miss this and adapt your marketing outreach with this.
  • Usually successful youtubers have an audience of fans - and one of the best ways to bond with them is to ask for recommendations. Many youtubers rely only on the suggestions by their fans so they can show that screenshot with the comments (I recommend the cinemawins channel as an example). Maybe one of your fans is subscriber to them, enable them
  • Successful youtubers and influencers in any other area as well understand sell through - and they will not care much about your book being self published, but they will care about "can i place an affiliate link to amazon"
  • once you are through the initial pitch and they have agreed to review it, think about how it will look on camera - they will want to show a print edition and likely also do a give away. Some might be happy just to show the cover as a screenshot, have a look at their videos. If they are really big, they might be worth the investment, otherwise dont.The payment will be the sales of the interested readers through their links.
  • If they review you, help them spread the news through your social, but do pick something special - imagine posting to your facebook four times a month "so and so has reviewed me!!" .- your readers will get bored and unsub. However if you can find a special twist, you might be able to share it also on your channel - but think about it: why would a reader of yours watch their review of a book the reader already has seen?
  • Keep up the relationship: always think about the next sale. Ask the reviewer if they would like the special announcent mail of new releases. This is NOT the same kind of mail you send to your normal readers, this is not that kind of relationship. Think of it more like a journalist versus a reader.
  • Share the love: Do not just approach the reviewer with one book, but find likeminded people to help them fill a whole episode. Going out (and maybe even spending money having somebody help you review them / rate them / approach them) with more than one author makes live easier for them
  • People will try stuff out, especially for free. You might be able to line up a promotion for bigger reviewers and thus help them make sales. If they make sales, they will like you better.
  • When does the competition do outreach? Think beyond the calendar you want - good influencers have negotiatoins and are booked out for weeks as well as might require additional time to think about it, review it, write their skript and fit it in the right episode - now middle of august is likely already to late for a theme like halloween.
  • Think evergreen: if your name is famous, you dictate the terms. Yours is likely not, meaning you will have adapt to them. Dont make it about "i will have a week long promotion in that week - how about you talk about me???" - that will not work. Instead allow for evergreen content. "This is the first in the series, and it is permafree".
  • Think competition: the viewers might not be the same, but the reviewers watch each other. They may not talk about you if competitor x already "did you" - again unless you are famous and they want / have to. Spread it out over time.
  • You are not famous 2: you having a new release is not noteworthy, not matter how much it is to you. They are not mean, they are just realistic. Working on the side of being a publisher I had a sign made saying "and why would I care about that???".

These are just a few ideas. Think about it that way: you are a tool (you have the book) for them to get more views / reads / listen on their outlet. You are one of many. You might be good, but really, they need new content every time they put out a new video / post / podcast. Good salespeople have a skript they use when they do cold calling = outreach to strangers, and they tweak it with the responses. Make a list of reviewers you would like to approach - and put them on the back burner. Find some D to E list reviewers, approach them and learn from your mistakes. Remember there is a reason they are D list, but still, they make for good training objects.

Keep / start a CRM, a customer relationship management system. This can be a simple word document with the name of the person you talked to etc, what you did with them, how successful they where, how easy they where to work with etc. People will always remember some small thing, it will also help you space out when to connect to them again. Ask them at the end if and how they would like to be contacted (again) - take note and do it that way!

Are they your best option: think about if they are really your best options. The process of outreach will stay similar, no matter if you go for journalist or a youtuber. But maybe that Facebook group in your theme / demographic is much more responsive or interested in your work. Those are more tricky and often very adverse to any kind of advertisement, so dont just join such a forum / group but observe and do reach out to the admin to progress from there.

And last but very important: What does your marketing material look like? By that I do not mean how great you write a pitch, but is f.e. your cover embarrassing next to all the other options they are showing / referring to? Once they link to your amazon book, how do the reviews look? I am rarely put off by an author if there are a few bad reviews, but too many and they will notice.

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