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Hey kboards! I've decided to officially open up for business and I'll be offering my ghostwriting services from here on out. Now, my ghostwriting style is a little different from most services offered, so give me a minute to break it down:

"Wait. What do you mean by 'different'?"

Very different! While most ghostwriters require an outline or a plot-by-plot template, I actually prefer to work in "broad strokes." For example, if you want a 30K billionaire romance? You can have it. If you want a 50K MM BDSM-filled extravaganza? You can have it! There's no need to provide me with an outline, just a general sense of the story you'd like for me to tell.

"No outline? Why not?"

I've found that I genuinely love creating characters and worlds, so the fun of writing comes with the "creation."

All I need from you is a sub-genre, a heat level and an orientation (MF and MM are my specialties, I also write mpreg)

"Got it. So, how do the prices work?"

I charge a flat rate that's determined by the word count. I charge 0.03/word, so the prices will look something like this:

30K novella = $900

50k novel = $1500

70K novel = $2000

I require 50% upfront and 50% once the project is completed.

"How fast will I get my story?"

That all depends on my client list! Typically, I can finish a 30K novella within 2 weeks, a 50K novel within 3 weeks and a 70K novel within a month. When you ask me about reserving a story, I'll tell you what's on my calendar ASAP and you can decide if you'd still like to sign up for a slot or not. Of course, if you'd like something written sooner, there's always a rush fee.

"What's the rush fee?"


"Is this really worth the money?"

I'd say that my services are perfect for people who want a well-written story, but aren't dependent on specific details or bullet list plot points (if you'll need someone to write a sequel to one of your books, I don't think I'm the ghostwriter for you).

Reserve your story today! :)

Let me know if you have any questions!

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