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Hello, my name is Max and I am an author and ghostwriter. I have been writing books since I was thirteen, but really got into it in my last three years in high school. I have since gone on to start many books and even finished quite a few of them. I sent a few m/m short stories and novellas to a small publisher, but since getting into ghostwriting in 2016, it has been my main job, so there is not as much time to focus on my own work, but I do occasionally complete a book.

I have worked with several clients over the past three years and completed up to 100 books, half of those in short story form 8-10k words, and the other half novellas and full-length novels 30-70k words long, so at least 1million words ghostwritten, and most of my work comes from repeat clients.

My rate is $0.01/word, and I can complete between 10-20k words in a week. Contact me for samples of my unpublished work, or you can describe a short scene for me to write up to 1000 words for $10 that I will get back to you in one day. I will receive payment before I write the sample.

Please note that I work with full plots with chapter breakdowns, or the time to complete the work will be longer. I do not write my own plots, I write my books as inspiration strikes, which is why I can start a book today and complete it nine months later at 40k words, but I can complete 40k words for a client, with a provided plot, in between 1-2 weeks. I can, however, take your idea and develop it, but the rate will go up to $0.02/word, and I will complete and submit 8-10k words a week for the client to see and make sure we are on the right track.

I need to look through the plot before we can decide on the time limit. I offer unlimited revisions and invite criticisms from the client to make the project the best it can be. I work best when starting fresh on a new book because matching my voice to the client could be easy, or it could be the opposite, but I can still help if you need your book finished or a new sequel in your series.

What I have experience in:

Contemporary romance
Billionaire romance
Sports romance
Apocalyptic romance
Action/suspense romance
M/m romance
Trans/gender-bender romance
F/f romance
Supernatural/paranormal romance (vampire, shifter)
Urban fantasy romance (angels, demons, Nephilim, witch, dragons, others)
Young adult and new adult (not as much as adult romance, but there is some experience there)

My experience in fantasy and sci-fi is minimal, with sci-fi being the least, but I would be willing to try and I could do a chapter or two, and if the client does not like the work, they can have the chapters at a discount rate of $0.005/word, and the work stops there.

I do NOT do erotica, or kink (BDSM, spanking, etc). I write steamy scenes in my books, but I strictly do romance, not erotica.

Ghostwriting is something I currently do full time, Monday-Saturday with an average of 3-5k words a day, but there will be days when real life stuff messes with my schedule. I do communicate with clients in case of such occurrences. I update the work daily or every few days as the client prefers.


A contract is not necessary since I never use work I have done for a client for myself (as long as the work is paid for, thus the copyright transferred) but I would be willing to sign a contract, if the client wishes, we just have to agree on the terms. As long as the client is aware that the copyright is still mine until I get paid, even if I wrote from a plot provided by the client. Payment will depend on contract or agreement, and I provide updates of a few chapters at a time every other day, so if at any point the client does not like the work, even with adjustments, they can pay for what has been done so far, and we stop.

Finally, I try to make each work as proofread and complete as I can make it, but I am not an editor.

If interested, email me at [email protected] (my secondary work email. Payments are made through PayPal to a different email.)

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Hi, everyone. I have some spots free for ghostwriting. I also have a bit of an emergency, so I'm offering some extra services.

For the rest of this month only, I will offer 10k words at $50, for a story longer than 10k words, pricing will go back to $0.01/word after the first 10k words.

If you have a completed manuscript that needs proofreading or beta reading, I can do this for $50 up to 60k words, $80 up to 100k words. Before I started writing, I was a reader, and I've read hundreds of books to date. I'm good at catching typos, grammar and punctuation errors, awkward sentence structures and obvious plot holes. For both proofreading and beta reading, I'll correct any mistakes I find with track changes in MS Word, with an additional review up to 1000 words for a beta read.

I will also offer rewriting at $0.005/word. This isn't something I usually offer, as rewriting can be more work than starting afresh, but I will for the rest of July only.

All the above offers are only until the end of this month.

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Greetings, Max N.! You're welcome to promote your business and website here in the Writers' Cafe.

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Thanks, Becca, for the welcome.

Spots for ghostwriting, proofreading and beta reading still available. Offer in my previous post still in effect until the end of the month.

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Hi everyone.

I have some ghostwriting spots opening up for anyone interested. I'm also offering a discount on short stories for the rest of the year.

$70 up to 10k words
$110 up to 15k words
$150 up to 20k words

I require an outline to proceed and depending on how well I can work with your outline, the turnaround for a 10k word piece will be a week or 10 days. I work best with romance, but I don't do erotica.

For works longer than 20,000 words, the price will bump up to $0.01/100 words after the initial $150 is paid. PM me for samples.
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