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Can I just say how happy I am right now? I have, of course, been buying tons of books since I got my Kindle, because while I would like to say I am perfectly happy reading the plethora of literary material available for free, the fact is that I am not and will never be - I am always interested in new material. That "make new friends and keep the old" song? That's me. I like both :) So, I started actually DOING some of those surveys I'd been solicited to do for so long. As a veterinarian, I am apparently in keen demand as a survey-filler-outer by certain surveyers... I can get a $20-55 gift card for a 10 minute survey. I just this second received a $50 gift card for having filled out a survey about what veterinary distributors I like the most. I had kind of thought it would never come because they said I'd get it within 3 weeks and that was Friday, but it came "in the email" as my mom says :) today!

So, if there are any other veterinarians reading this, I recommend signing up at Epocrates as a potential survey-victim, because they pay well. I can't get over it, really. I'm really not sure why my opinion is so important to these people. It's not like they ever actually CHANGE anything based on my opinion. At least, I'm very vocal when I speak with the reps in person and tell them what I think and I get completely ignored. But whatever. I will take the gift card with great pleasure :)

I'm also collecting swagbucks. I'm up to 39 of them. I think it's 45 before you get a $5 card. Just in case anyone's interested here's my referral link:
I figure it's always nice to get something for nothing, as it were.
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