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Gilded Wings by Laura Miller (UK Store)

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Gilded Wings [Kindle Edition]
Laura Miller (Author)

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Product Description
Product Description
She had fallen. Fallen into the depths of despair. My beautiful Angel's wings had been shattered into a thousand beautiful fragmented shards.
I would protect her. I would repair her wings piece by piece, until finally she would be free to soar again.

From the surface Everline has all she has ever needed, a man who loves her, is willing to marry her, despite her dark desolate past. A home full of trinkets and priceless antiques, a life to live, never needing to worry about the small insufficient things within it.
From the surface she has it all.
From deep within she is constricted within the gilded cage of helplessness.Her home is where she should find comfort an solace, encoragement and love. Yet those empty spaces are only replaced by hatred, jealousy and incomprehensible pain. Darkness filling her dreams. Surfacing, swamping her. Everline's past is setting the path to her future decisions. Falling trapped withing her own emotional turmoil.
Her only savior is Connor, but will she allow him to set her free, to spread her gilded wings and fly.

"My lips parted wanting to tell him to stop. He was so beautifully perfect. His hand cupped the back of my head and his lips touched mine. For a brief moment I allowed myself to enjoy his full soft lips kissing mine. To allow my mind to wander at what it would be like to be with Connor. He pulled away breaking the connection of our mouths. His eyes sunk into mine. Carmel tones softened his piercing blue eyes. My face was still cupped between his hands. Yes, Yes my subconscious screamed at me, kiss me again."

An intense rollercoaster of love, loss and pain.
This is the first book in a two part collection.

This book is recommend for 17+ due to the language and sexual content of some of the scenes.
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