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I just heard on the news about Glamour magazine celebrating 70 years with a special promotion. The price of their subscription back in 1939 was $1.50, so a full year of Glamour magazine will be $1.50 for a limited time. (There may be applicable taxes depending where you live.) Payment is required at time or order.

It DOES Auto Renew in one year at the "then rate", however (you'll see this when you sign up), so be sure to cancel the Auto Renew for the year is up. There's always a better deal than the auto renewal rates :eek:

You can go to Glamour's website directly at (or go to Coupon, the link I was directed to by the local news). I checked it out on Glamour's website because I wanted to make sure it was legit. Great gift for daughters and nieces, too....there are options to give as a gift with notification :D
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