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I have been out here on the boards and found there are all kinds of acronyms, abbrevations, and kindlized terms that we use and it occurred to me that I don't know what some of them represent! Do we have a KB Glossary? Some that I don't know or are not positive about are:

all the Kindle Kolors (I know those are out there someplace)

with the explosive growth of the KBs it would be great to have this. Of course if it exists and I have missed it in just trying to keep up with all the posts...

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If you Google Internet acronyms, you'll find some, DH for example is a common acronym across the 'Net, it stands for D*** Husband, sometimes Dear, sometimes maybe something else. ;D

DTB is Dead Tree Book

The Kolors and some of the other KB terms are on the board somewhere...


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I love the kolors so here they are:

I love the kolors! I think that was one of my favorite threads of all time...started at Amazon but we archived it here:

Klaret (deep red)
Koncord (lighter purple)
Kurrant (deeper purple)
Kassis (very deep purple)
Krimson (brighter red)
Kocoa (brown)
Karamel (saddle brown)
Kamel (taupe brown)
Koal (black)
Kelly (green)
Kamouflage (olive green)
Kiwi (bright green)
Kream (off white)
Kloud (pure white)
Kantaloupe (orange)
Kornflower (light blue)
Kobalt (deep blue)
Koin (silver metallic)
Kopper (copper metallic)
Kroesus (gold metallic)
Kiss (hot pink)
Kornsilk (yellow)
Koala (grey) - also for inner lining of all covers
Kucumber (hunter green)
Kokonut - (creamy white)

Krystal Kollection (jeweled):
Karat Krystal (diamond)
Klaret Krystal (ruby)
Kobalt Krystal (sapphire)
Koal Krystal (onyx)
Kelly Krystal (emerald)

Kipling Kollection:
Kenya (zebra print)
Kat (tiger stripes)
Karnivore (leopard print)
Kathmandu (tiger print)

Kollage Kollection:
Kurrency (world money print)
Kaleidoscope (rainbow swirl print)
Kow (black & white cow print)
Kandy Kane (red & white stripes)
Kracker (fireworks)
Konstitution (red, white, & blue stars & stripes)
Kosmic (suns & moons)
Konstellation (stars on night sky)
Kovert (retro Spy vs. Spy from MAD)
Kolors (flags of the world)
Kartoon (Komic Kollage)
Klavier (musical notes)
Klover (shamrock print)
Kolumn (newspaper print)
Khristmas -- xmas tree on Klaret background
Kids-stick figure kids that supports an educational cause
Kandy-mixed hard kandy
Khocolate-our favorite Kandy bars
Klip Klop-horses
Khips and Kards-poker hands
Krush-dark orange to match my LG phone
Klock-beautiful time pieces

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This is the listing of Kindle vocab that I compiled back last December. The only addition is the last one. I also haven't gone back to the thread to see if there are any new words to add. This were pretty much typed up the way they appeared in the thread.

Kindle Vocabulary

Kindler - an owner of a Kindle
Kindleholism - spending WAY too much money on your Kindle
Kindlitis - a sick Kindle (not working properly)
Kindlectomy - opening up your Kindle
K - short abbreviation for all Kindles
De-kindled - a Kindle owned who has lost their Kindle
Kindlerupted - previously mentioned Kindle Bankruptcy Syndrome
Kindlenvy--lusting after another owners accessories.
Kindle time  just about anytime that doesn't interfere with the owners job or family
Kinterrupted--interrupted while reading your Kindle--an unforgivable offense.
Kinfolk--Kindleboard members
Kindleholism - also includes the spending of too much time on the computer reading about K, searching for K related items and posting about said items
Kindlenapped - losing your Kindle to a family member or friend (who previously made fun of you for having one), who is now curled up on the sofa reading a book that they just downloaded!!
Kindlicious- what your kindle looks like when it's dressed in its skin
Kindlevenge - for anyone that messes with my Kindle (its not pretty to see)
Kindlewatch - waiting for your new Kindle to arrive in the mail
Kindling - reading one's Kindle
Re-kindle: buying another kindle
Kindleholic - One who is obsessed with all things Kindle
Kindlized - 1) One who has been turned on to Kindle.  I am not sure on the spelling, feel free to correct me if needed.
Kindlized - 2) To transform a document so that it may be used on the Kindle
Kindle Thumb - A repetitive stress injury our Doctors will soon be diagnosing.  Can be seen in both right and left thumb in same patient.
NoK  -  Namers of Kindle
Kindleransom - what I am going to have to come up with to get my Kindle back
Kindle-itis Interruptus - When people keep interrupting you as you're trying to read on your Kindle
Kindlimbo---the area you get into between "Shipping soon" to "Delivered"
Kindlezone---where all Kindle owners live and operate.
Kindlehell---no such place.  all Kindles go to Heaven
Kindling - a young Kindler
Kindlelist - what one leaves around the house in obvious places a few weeks before Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just as a reminder to anyone who may walk by.
Kindlelista - anyone with a Kindle skin and more than one cover.
Kindlerella - someone who doesn't have a Kindle, but DOES have three ugly step-sisters.
Krist Kindle Markt - The annual German Christmas market. Usually set up in a town square. Mucho fun. Very pretty.
Kindeletist - Those of us who own Kindles and look down on the Sony e-reader.
born again Kindle----one that has been refurbished
Kindlenabler: Those who promote the purchase of Kindles, Kindle books, and Kindle accessories. A picture of the fantastic Betsy is located next to this description in the Kindle lexicon
Kindlebration - to celebrate the arrival of a Kindle (or as in my case, getting back my Kindle from the Kindlenapper)
Kindlenomics - The total economic value of all the Kindles and their books, skins, covers, cases, purses, booklights and other accessories to the economy. 
Kindgifter - The person who gave you your Kindle as a gift
Kindergaritaville - kindle reading at the tiki bar
Kindlespouse-What your Kindle becomes to you after you marry it.
Kindlechild-The offspring of a human being and his/her Kindlespouse.
Kindlelater-What you say to your Kindle before putting it on standby/turning it off.
Kindlegarten-Where your little Kindle goes when you're at work. Don't forget to pick
Kindling - snuggled up in a blanket reading a great book on ones Kindle
Klub - as in bookklub. Group of people reading books on their Kindles and discussing on Kindleboards
Kindlemas - celebrating Christmas with a Kindle or Kindle accessories
Kindlewidow or Kindlewidower.... what our non-Kindle reading spouses become when we spend all our time with our Kindles or on the KindleBoards
Kindlekinder - Children with their own Kindles
BK - before Kindle
Kindledwindle---time for a recharge
Kindle Swindle - buying a refurb kindle and passing it off on ebay as new or 'the last one'
Kindle Mendle - Fixing a broken Kindle - hardly, if ever, used
Kindlology - the study and/or worshiping of the Kindle
Kindle ThenThen - discussion of the now discontinued NowNow service
Kindling a Fire - Being fired from your job for consistently reading on the kindle or posting on kindle boards when you should be doing your job
Kindle Cheapskate - Daily checking of the amazon store or for free newly released books (Dark Resurrection, MaidenFlight, Talking With The Dead, Reincarnationist...) no matter how bad of a read it may be
Kindleboomer - People who bought Kindles post Oprah show
Kindlegab...what we do here
Kindle Endowment for the Arts - new department of gov't that underwrites the cost of books for Kindle
Kindle Komplex - what I got when I read the thread "What Books Did You Read in November". Geez some of those guys must be speed readers
Anno Kindilis:  Year of the Kindle
Kindle konstipation - the feeling of pressure with a shipping date that is 11-13 weeks away
Kindle konstipation - the feeling of pressure with a shipping date that is 11-13 weeks away
KindleFree sort of describes those people who don't want to have a Kindle, ie, "I like the smell and feel of a book."
KindleLess might be the folks who want a Kindle but for whatever reason, can't have one.
KindleClueLess might be those who haven't seen the light yet
Kindlewannabe – any ebook reader besides the Kindle
Kindlewaiter – someone waiting on their Kindle to arrive
KindleWisher – anyone person dreaming of becoming a Kindle owner
KindleKlaus - Any person that gives a Kindle as a Christmas present
Kindlelift - Another word for putting a skin on it
KissmyKindle- A rude reply when someone calls it ugly
Kindleloo - A symptom of Kindleholism (sp?) where you take several bathroom breaks at work to read your Kindle
Kindle kardiac trauma - what a Kindle owner experiences the first time his/her Kindle freezes.
KFR - Kindle freeze resuscitation. What one does to repair a frozen Kindle. Key is the defibrillator, also known as a paperclip
Kindlevention-- contreversal intervention technique used to solve Kindle addiction.  With a success rate of o.ooo1%, it is a dismal failure but well meaning people ignorant of true Kindlism, keep on trying.
Kindle Konvention... when a group of Kindle owners get together for a face-to-face meeting
Kindleraderie - the warm fuzzy feeling in this group of Kindleholics sharing our obsession
Kindalized is when you are shocked, shocked, SHOCKED that someone doesn't love the Kindle as much as you.
Kindle Klassic or KK or K1 – original Kindle
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