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God Bless the Child, by Katie Leone

"A book that is so poignant and touching, it will tear at your heart strings and move you to tears. In part, it is about the physical and emotional scars of child abuse, but it also carries with it an interesting overlay of gender identity issues. The "child abuse" portion of this book is the more significant of the two areas and the one needing immediate triage, as it is a life threatening condition. This novel does a wonderful job of depicting the ups and downs of the burgeoning and often agonizing relationship between the scarred child and his foster parents." -- Bending the Bookshelf

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Sometimes tragedy changes a life for the better.

If you find reading Dave Pelzer "A Child Called 'It'" and Cathy Glass "Cry Silent Tears" rewarding, then this heartwarming story of overcoming the past and finding acceptance will keep you up all night turning the pages as you run the gamut of emotions.

Jeremy Bergeron is a four year old boy who will do anything to earn the love of his parents. But that is a love that they are unable or unwilling to give. Suffering from the neglect of his mother and the physical abuse from his father, Jeremy does everything in his power to survive.

Chase Milan is a rookie K-9 police officer. His job is to confront evil and get it off the streets.
He knows about crime, but he has never before had to deal with its aftermath. With his canine partner, Neesa, Chase doesn't realize the struggles that come with picking up the pieces once tragedy has torn through a life. With the squeeze of a trigger, two lives heading on different paths converge and Chase learns exactly what it's like to pick up the pieces and build a life that has been shattered by violence.

Because he is signed up to be a foster parent, he gets temporary custody of the child. But his wife is unable to deal with a child who fears every shadow and finds comfort in hiding behind the sofa. When atop all the other issues, questions about his gender identity make the family
question everything they once believed was certain. Chase was only supposed to take Jeremy into his home for a week as social services locate the next of kin, but his life will never be the same again.

GOD BLESS THE CHILD is a story that will both touch and challenge you, a story that will have you tap into your deepest emotions. A novel that dares to ask the question "How far will you go to make sure a child grows up happy and healthy?"

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Meet the Author

Katie Leone is one of the premiere authors of transgender fiction. Her characters come to life as they face problems common to those who feel they are trapped in the wrong body and those that interact with them. There are common themes of acceptance, perseverance, and finding the truth of who they are. Highly emotional, well written, poignant and most titles are appropriate for younger readers.

Katie Leone is living life in transition in Tampa FL with her FtM boyfriend Felix and a Pride of annoying cats who like to walk on her keyboard every time they think she's been at the computer to long or if a scene is getting too intense.

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