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Going wide... with who?

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I've decided to go wide with the Lillim books now that there's four of them and my select terms are ending. I'll admit this is mostly because I want to permafree my first book.

I want to make sure I get with everyone, and such, so I was wondering if I missed someone. This is who I went with.

Amazon - Direct
Kobo - Direct
Google - Direct
Nook - Direct
Apple - D2D (I don't have a mac, but I will remedy this eventually)
I also did everyone else D2D has. I know there is smashwords too, but am I missing someone else or did I get it all?

Thanks in advance

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There are some smaller sites you may want to look at depending on your genre. I use DriveThru Fiction, which caters to the tabletop RPG audience, so it's very much an SF/F crowd.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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