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I've been in love with Chance Zak since first grade.

Yeah, THAT Chance Zak-- America's sexiest movie star. My brother's best friend since we were kids.

When he got married last year, I knew it was a PR stunt to sell a reality show about Chance and his lovable B-list bride, Daphne.

Of course, Season One of GOOD IN THE ZAK was a huge hit. Watching my Forever Crush fake fall for his fake wife on every screen in town? NOT FUN.

But when Daphne leaves town to film a movie, Chance hires me to go with her.

He gives me special instructions: Make sure she stays out of trouble. Tabloid photos of her with another man would kill Season Two.

I'd do anything for Chance, but this is pushing it.

I knew going in Daphne was gonna be trouble. I didn't count on being trapped 24/7 with her, watching her every move, thinking about her all the time.

The more time we spend together, the more I want her.

After loving Chance my whole life, I can't possibly steal his girl.

I mean... I can't, right?

GOOD IN THE ZAK is a 53,000 word contemporary NA MFF romance. Mature scenes intended for adult audiences only. Throuple HFN, no cliffhangers. First in series, can be read as a standalone.
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