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I've been doing technical research/writing for a movie production company for the last dozen years or so. Mostly it's stuff like reading scripts and fiddling with the things that I'm familiar with like firearms and weapons handling. It doesn't pay a lot and I don't get writing credits for it, but I like doing it. Some of their movies have done pretty well.

Anyway, this company has approached me about making one of my books into a movie. It would be reasonably low budget, but if it catches, it might allow them to make more of my books into movies.

I don't write "high art" novels and having dabbled in the script writing process, my books are often structured like and could readily be adapted into a movie.

Now, we are at the very tentative "feeling each other out" stage in the process which means that I won't be naming any details. If it goes any further, I'll be getting an agent/lawyer involved in the process.

My problem is that I don't want to get sidetracked from my writing to take time out to deal with this situation. If I stop what I'm doing to write a script and work the production company, I will seriously derail my writing plans for this year--five more books published. And, dealing with anyone in the movie business--from previous encounters, is enough to drive a Zen monk to frothing insanity.

So, it could be good news if this happens, but probably not a lot of money in it for the time and trouble involved. But, it might lead to further book sales and a larger movie deal but that isn't money in the bank.

I just thought I would share the news with you all!

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