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I can see this. Amusingly, as an avid gamer, I often base my game purchases on the negative reviews.

If a game has lots of positive reviews, and one negative review on the front page of Steam, I go read the negative.

If it tells me "This game sucks because gameplay mechanic 1, bad controls, and a shitty story." It may indeed stop me from buying it.
But if it tells me "This game sucks because it's too short." or "This game sucks because I do not personally like this genre." or "This game sucks because you have to spend too much time doing x" where x is something I actually like... then maybe the negative review has just talked me into actually buying it. And frankly, I trust the negative review to tell me what the game has in it. Just that person didn't like it. But I know they probably told me the truth. Someone who LOVES a game may fluff up its good points and ignore its flaws. A negative review is probably more accurate.

So maybe people do similar with books?
I don't get most of my books based on reviews. I get most from friends who already read it because I'm slower than most of my friends who read.
But if I were going to get a book based on the reviews, I think I'd pay attention to the negative reviews as much as the positives.
I do that when I buy items from Amazon too...

I always check the low reviews as well as the high ones to try to get a balanced view.
If an item has nothing but 5 star reviews, I'm going to wonder if it's that good, or if no one has pointed out the flaws yet.
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