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Goodreads Spam...Is This A Thing?

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Anyone else got what amounts to spam messages on Goodreads? Not group messages or read my book but legit....AOL 1997 Spam


I am happy you replied, thanks. [In respect to my response to initial message of contact which was how can I help you?] I apologize I made my profile private, this is because of my company's zero policy on online social media. I was attracted to you by what you said on your profile and hope to build on it with time. I am curious to know what living outside States will be like. You can start helping me by becoming that special someone to show me how the world outside State looks like. Hope to hear from you again.

- ****
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This kind of thing happens on the Ning network from time to time.  Once moderators are notified, the spam account is deleted.  I would guess that once the Goodreads administrators are notified, the account will be axed.  I would definitely notify them.
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