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CraigInTwinCities said:
Good for a laugh, folks! (And a blatant attempt to get a sale in Amazon Germany... ;) LOL)
I haven't practiced my German in close to 20 years, but I caught at least a few errors in the first several paragraphs. Now, use Google translate to turn it back into English and see what you get:

"Runners on your marks!"

Coach at Lansing words, Becky Howard went to their respective track and took their starting point stance. She looked to her right and her heart began beating rapidly, climbing into her throat while she waited for the smoke from the starter's pistol.

"Set!" Cried the coach.

Becky shook her arms. She felt well balanced and patient.

When the smoke appeared, she began to train, the sound of the gun, she reached a moment later. She began to smooth and found their rhythm. In the streets outside, Lucy Ford of the weapon and jack-rabbited jumped to an early lead. Becky did not let it bother them. Pumping their legs, they breathed in through the nose, out through the mouth. She kept her eyes straight ahead and concentrated on maintaining their speed.

As in the first round came to an end, she even drew with Lucie. The younger girl was irregular huffing, her skin glistened with a fine sheen of sweat in the oppressive afternoon sun. When Lucy looked over and saw Becky is running even with her, she panicked and poured on an extra burst of speed. The effort put three steps in front of Becky. She remained there during the second round.
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