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Grab a FREE short story

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Between now and January 13, anyone that "likes" my Facebook page will get one of my short stories for free. Just like my page and drop a note here or on Facebook to let me know. Message me your e-mail here or on Facebook to let me know which story you'd like.

My Facebook Page

You can choose from either of the following:

A typical morning at Dunes Point Resort quickly turns into a life-changing event for several employees and vacationers after something peculiar is found washed up on the beach. While no one can seem to identify where it came from or what it might be, it seems to know the desires and demons of those that hold it.

Unable to resist its allure, these unwilling discoverers unlock the object's horrific powers, altering their lives and leaving a trail of death behind them.

After countless hours spent searching in bookstores and online, two friends finally find a fabled book they have spent years searching for. The book, titled A Collection of True Evils, is rumored to be cursed and to have been written by some of the most deranged minds in history.

Now that the book is in their hands, these two men soon discover that the book has secrets that go beyond its supposed curse...dark secrets that get more deadly with the turning of each page.
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Welcome again to the Book Bazaar and congratulations on your new book!

KindleBoards is a Kindle fan and reader forum. As you browse KindleBoards, keep in mind that self-promotion, of any sort, is ONLY allowed in the Book Bazaar. (You've posted your book thread in the right place; this is just our standard welcome that we place in all book threads. :))

A brief recap of our rules follows:

--Please bookmark this thread (using your browser's bookmark/favorite function) so you can update it as we ask that authors have only one thread per book and add to it when there is more information. You may start a separate thread for each book (or you may have one thread per series of books, or one thread for all of your books, it's your choice).

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--Although self-promotion is limited to the Book Bazaar, our most successful authors have found the best way to promote their books is to be as active throughout KindleBoards as time allows. This is your target audience--book lovers with Kindles! Please note that putting link information in the body of your posts outside the Book Bazaar constitutes self promotion; please leave your links for your profile signature that will automatically appear on each post. For information on more ways to promote here on KindleBoards, be sure to check out this thread: Authors: KindleBoards Tips & FAQ.

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Thanks for being part of KindleBoards! Feel free to send us a PM if you have any questions.

Betsy & Ann
Book Bazaar Moderators
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