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Grammarly Question for Grammarly Users

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Hey Everyone!

I did a lot of research on which editor to buy and by most accounts Grammarly came out on top. Unfortunately no one mentioned in any of the reviews I read that you can only upload 20 pages at a time to it. For those of you who are using Grammarly how do you handle this? Are you editing as you write? Or do you just upload sections of your book at a time for editing?

Thanks in advance!

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Grammarly has saved me so many times! (But don't trust it for everything). I usually only edit a chapter at a time, so it works out well for me.
I use the Grammarly MSWord plugin which has no limit.

That said, I find Grammarly quite frustrating, especially in its mindless insistence that very conjunction needs a comma. I supplement it with Serenity Editor which is much more powerful, but is awkward to use and quirky. It is a much better writing tool than Grammarly, in my opinion, for all its oddness.

Thank you both for your responses! It is much appreciated and is helping me to figure out how to use it....unfortunately I think the plugin only works for Word in Windows yes? Not Mac?
harimad-sol said:
( . . . ) I think the plugin only works for Word in Windows yes? Not Mac?
Unfortunately Windows only.
Thanks! I was afraid of that...guess I'll be editing chapter by chapter then, lol.  :D
Does the program also check for things like proper punctuation with speech quotations? Like, whether or not you've put a comma after ellipsis when someone is speaking?
I am actually very new to using it so I'm not sure if it goes that deep or not, but I love that it helps with repetitive words since that is an area I struggle with sometimes!
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