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"Tapping Out Procrastination: Eliminate Destructive Emotions, Stop Procrastination, and Watch Your Productivity Soar"

By Sage Tomlinson

Is procrastination stopping you from going after your real priorities, goals, and dreams? Is it keeping you from getting a promotion at work? Starting your own business? Telling someone you love them? Taking that next life-changing step? Are you stuck in an endless loop of procrastination and can't seem to stop procrastinating? Is it eating away at your life and productivity and your hope for the future?

Look no further. People like you who can't seem to stop procrastinating need this book. "Tapping Out Procrastination" gets to the root of the problem to help stop procrastination and end all of the consequences that comes with it. When you take the reins back from procrastination, you'll manage your time better and have more time to do what you want. Watch your productivity soar and your life come back into your focus and control!

"Tapping Out Procrastination" takes ancient and widely used acupressure points in the modern Western world's tapping technique (or EFT) to address and release underlying feelings and emotions that keep you stuck and keep you procrastinating.

What if you could finally stop being afraid of going after you really want and stop sabotaging yourself through procrastination? Increase your productivity and end procrastination by eliminating the emotions that destroy your drive and motivation to move forward. Free yourself today from what's been holding you back from where you want to be. Make the changes now.

You can do it. Tapping provides instant release for some people and some issues and others require multiple tapping sessions.

This book ties procrastination to each topic listed below and helps you release your negative emotions and replace them and reinforce them with positive and productive emotions. These bold and daring tapping scripts and accompanying information will help you transform the way you live and work.

The underlying procrastination issues addressed in this book are:

* Fear of Failure

* Fear of Success

* Fear of Change

* Overwhelm

* Deservedness

* Fear of Rejection

* Punishment

* Clarity/Focus

* Stick-To-It-Ness (or Persistence)

* Get It Done/Knock It Out of the Park

You can't force your conscious mind to let go of the underlying feelings causing your procrastination, so use tapping to tap into your subconscious mind and help release them today. Stop avoiding what you need to do to get what you want. Stop procrastination today!

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