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Hello, I am an author of a children book, Jane of Chelsea. The kindle version is now available. I want to take a moment to introduce me and Jane of Chelsea. It's children, historical, and adventure but above all fantasy.

Here is a synopsis:

Having wearily returned from Whitehall Palace, eight-year-old Jane wouldn't dream another journey to court let alone a strange world. She had never seen talking storks, never heard of Lily’s Creek, and known nothing of Ambrosia before the clearing of the mist; inexplicably marooned with her cousin on a land where she'd never known before, Jane's desperate quest for returning home, however, went awry. Curiously drawn to her surroundings, Jane before long realizes that her quick and unflinching adaptation to that precipitously walled castle left her cousin to bitter dismay. Walking on the bridges, running up the corridors, and swimming in the lake, Jane neither minds the unusual names stigmatized on her nor a dawning secret of her own that she couldn't, wouldn't reveal to her estranged cousin. But when she lost a bottle of ancient mistletoe and a ring, which made Jane quickly unpopular among people who once seemed friendly and supportive, Jane realizes that life in Chelsea has made a wrong turn with unraveling plots revolving her. With gradual awareness of being surrounded by unseen enemies, knowing that her innocent mistakes spiral her down the roads of doom, Jane faces a moment of ultimate decision.


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myeugene said:
Thanks for welcome, Anju, JetJammer, pomlover. I am JJ.

Thanks, Kathy, for the picture. I am new, so I don't know what to do, where to press,
or which buttons I click and so on....

Thanks Angela for purchase. Very kindly. I hope you enjoy. :)

Thanks ye all. This is first night for a newbie. wow I didn't know kindle community is so cozy
and comfortable.
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