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>Hi to all members of the Kindle Community.... I am presently working on a celtic poem book of my own which hope to issue it as soon as I may...

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I took knowledge of the Celtic world at the age of twenty motivated by my love of literary and musical subjects.

Thanks to Janet & Robin Williamson (, and Irish harp champion Sylvia Woods (, I began to incorporate, the melodies and knowledge of traditional techniques and instruments, focusing on the implementation of whistle and Gaelic harp. Ireland, with its legends and mythological cycle, lured me to cross the main gate of the Celtic world. Passion that lead me by 1985 to organize a Celtic Festival in Buenos Aires (historically the first took place in l960), as well as other cultural and musical activities within the Irish community living in Argentina, thereby developing an attitude because of the disregard on certain community sectors for their Celtic roots.

Convinced of the need to create a center that would bring young people linked by inheritance and / or affection for their Celtic roots, in 1986 I participated as co-founder of the Celtic Association of Galician Pipers, crystallizing my longing for a Celtic awakening in South America . Identified with a deep pan-celtic commitment, studied the folklore and history of Ireland and its sister nations, Scotland, Wales, Brittany in Armorica, and Spanish celtic, Galicia and Asturias. Along with the Celtic group 'Poitín' belonging to this Association, I played the harp and whistles,and wrote some Gaelic poetry featuring a traditional projection of my own.

In the year 1988 it was published in Spain my work' Correspondence between the Galician and Asturian Legends', a comparative test that parallels the grounds of Celtic folklore. This edition was done in Asturian language due to the management of the Celtic League de Asturias and the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Asturias. At the beginning of'90 and after several performances and a tour in Patagonia, for welsh communities settled in our country, 'Poitín' dissolves, leaving a testimony tape released independently in 1988, memorable for being the first of its kind in Argentina.
Along with Manuel Castro I published in 1993 a book of poems called 'Celtic Legacy', a bilingual edition in Galician / Spanish, unprecedented, poems of own authorship and bardic styled.

I took part as a co-founder of subsequent bands like 'Lenda Gwyn' and 'Duir', staying active with the latter about four years, and with whom O participated in the First and Second 'Keltoi' Celtic Festival ion Buenos Aires. In October l997, I performed soloist in the welsh 'Gorsedd' of Patagonia, Argentina, the first since 1910, where I was invited to join the Bardic Circle at the behest of the Welsh Community of Trelew. Later that month, I quit 'Duir' to pursue a solo project due to a proposal made by a record label in California, USA. This motivated me to meet other musicians of equal entity under a new name 'Bran', with whom I issued 'Awen', my debut CD album in July 1998.

Performances led me to the Astros Theater, Opera, Margarita Xirgu, Pelayo, Auditorio de Belgrano and ND Ateneo; Irish Centers, Theaters, Pubs and located in Rosario, Pergamino, Junin and La Plata, to reach the status of beings the first Argentine to participate in the "Celtic The 5th Celtic Meeting" held in Santiago de Chile in November 2002 and in the "Primer Festival Celta" in Montevideo in March 2003. Solo performances w/ Gaelic harp led me to various audiences and emblematic places as the Argentine Theatre of La Plata & Tortoni Café in Buenos Aires.

In the month of May 2003, the prestigious Galician folk group "Luar na Lubre" add music to one of my poems. This collaboration is crystallized in April 2004 with the inclusion of this piece on two tracks from the album "Hai un Paraiso" published under the label Warner Music Spain. Alongside Bran, I did participated as guest

Musician of their South American tour, performing at the Opera Theatre in Buenos Aires on 12-7-04.

Along with a friend musician , Gabriel Bollani, I developed in 2006/2007 a new Celtic musical project that combines virtual and acoustic sounds. Songs of love and hope, along with instrumentals experience a new hue under a new style which I decided to label as "New Celtic".

In 2008 - I created a blogsite of my own named "Celtic Sprite - My musical perspective on celtic roots and other works". Music, culture and literature take place along with the collaboration of musicians and journalists from other countries.


1984 - Co-founder with Miguel Cosentino Cormack of the "Sinn Fein" musical duet.

1985 - Co-founder of the Irish musical folk band "Gael Ceolta"
1985 - Collaborated with reviews on Celtic music in the local Irish newspaper "The Southern Cross"
1985 - Organized a "Celtic Festival" at the Fahy Club in Buenos Aires (the second historically, the first held in 1960 at Luna Park in Buenos Aires)
1986 - Co-founder of the Celtic Association of Galician Pipers and their folk band "Poitín"
1988 - The work "Correspondence between the Asturian and Galician legends" is published in Asturias, Spain, with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Principality, and the Asturian Celtic League.

1988 - Took part of the album "Poitín" being the first analog recording in Argentina with Celtic harp and composed original melodies on traditional styles.
1988/9 - Toured with Poitín.
1991/2 - Co-founded the folk band "Lenda Gwyn"

1993 - Issued as Co-author the book "Celtic Legacy", the first literary record of contemporary bardic poetry published in Argentina (bilingual edition in Galician / Spanish)
1993 - Co-founded the folk band "Duir"
1994 - Began to publish reviews on the local "Discover" music magazine
1996 - Began to publish reviews on the local "Mellotron" magazine (

1997 - Co-founded the group "Bran", a musical project through which I recaptured the spirit of Celtic traditional tunes with original arrangements inspired by the feelings and appreciation of its members.
1998 - Launched Bran´s album "Awen", the first digital recording in Argentina w/Celtic harp and original melodies on traditional styles
1998/9 - Presentation tour of the album, broadcast in Spain and USA
2001 - Inclusion of two pieces on the CD Sampler of the journal Celtica in both editions (Italian and Spanish)
2002 - Participated with Bran at "The 5th Celtic Meeting" in Santiago de Chile, Republic of Chile.
2003 - Participated with Bran at the "First International Celtic Festival" in Montevideo, Uruguay

2004- Performed as soloist in the "Temperley Celtic Festival" (
2004 - Collaborated w/Bran on a show called "Celtic Sound" music and celtic legends, along with the narrator Oscar Orquera and development of Susana Shanahan

( . html.)
2004 - Toured the country with Bran. Participated as guest musician with the local Irish group "Kells" ( and Galician "Luar na Lubre"(

2005 - Toured the country with Bran

2006/2007 - Along with Gabriel Bollani, developmed and edited the "Celtic New Project" Songs of love and hope, instrumentals, treated with virtual acoustic sounds.
2008 - On September of this year I created the blog "Celtic Sprite" A musical perspective on celtic roots and other works.(
2010 - On January I created the Facebook Page "Amigos Celtas" A site intended to spread celtic culture and activities in Spanish, along with local and foreign co-equipers


1988 - Title "Poitín" cassette edition, Artist "Idem" (independent label) (Argentina)
1996 - Title "Keltoi"- "First Celtic Festival" CD album, Artist "Duir (independent label)
1997 - Title "Mellotron Magazine" - Tape Sampler," Artist "Duir" (Argentina)
1998 - Title "Awen" CD album, Artist "Bran" (Argentina)
1998 - Title "Revista Mellotron - CD Sampler," Artist "Bran" (Argentina)
2001 - Title "Celtica" Magazine - CD Sampler," Artist "Bran" (Italy / Spain)
2002 - Title "Mellotron Magazine" - CD Sampler," Artist "Bran" (Argentina)
2003 - Title "O'Connell's Pub," CD album -Artist "Bran" (Argentina)
2004 - Title "Hai un Paraiso" CD album ,Artist "Luar na Lubre" (Spain / Argentina)
2007 - Title ""Mellotron Magazine" - CD Sampler," Artist "Mauas Pinto / Bollani (Argentina)

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Greetings and Welcome, Eliseo!! We are so glad you found KindleBoards! We have many areas that you probably will like. Have you been to The Book Corner yet? That's the area for discussions about books (naturally :D ). That's also where you will find threads about books Recommended by our Members and a list of additional sites for Book Lovers.
Then there is the Book Bazaar where our member/authors post about their books and the Writers' Cafe that has discussions about writing, publishing and many other topics. Here is a link to all the KindleBoards authors:Unofficial master list of Kindleboards Authors. That is also where you will locate Bargain Books and even Free Books threads where you can get reading material at low or no cost! Here is a link to get you started: Master list of free & under $1 titles available from Amazon.
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Sorry for the long post, but there is just so much to do, learn and like about KindleBoards that I just get carried away. :)

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Welcome and good luck

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Greetings ****!
Thanx for the compliments and warm welcome!
It is very encouraging to find artists like you so creative and friendly... as long as we co-habitate and publish valuable and readable books... a better Kindle Nation shall be rising up on the net..isn't it?
Best Wishes and blessings to you all...
Keep up the sacred fire!

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Hey, Eliseo,

Welcome from a Canadian author of suspense novels.  Wonderful to see creative people from all over the planet coming together to make the Kindle experience even more exciting for both readers and writers, and often they are one and the same.

All the best, and great success with your own ventures.

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