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Greetings from Cartersville, GA.

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Welcome, Sailorman and congratulations on your Kindle, and your first post here on Kindleboards!

We've got something here for everyone, including the Book Corner where you'll find free books, bargain book and favorite book recommendations, and Book Klubs starting in January, and then the Tips Tricks and Troubleshooting and Let's Talk Kindle forums, where yous hould be able to find out anything you need to know about your Kindle!

Welcome sailorman! You'll love it here!
Welcome, Sailorman! We have a good number of Kindleboards members from Georgia....

Glad to have you here. We're a very friendly bunch.

Welcome Sailorman! Finally someone else that says, "ya'll." I wondered if you were from GA when I read your psot about Lewis Grizzard. I am your neighbor in Alabama. We are happy you joined us. I love my Kindle too.

Bye ya'll  ;D
sailorman said:
Thanks for the welcome.

Only one problem with your "ya'll"; of course "ya'll" is our southern slang for "you all". So the apostrophe goes between "you" and "all", making it "y'all" instead of "ya'll". I insist.

Just kidding. Roll Tide!
Oops wrong team for this gal! I am WAR DAMN EAGLE all the way even as we search for a new coach. I will be rooting For AL in the Sugar Bowl though. After my Kindle and reading my next favorite pastime is SEC football.

Glad you joined us!
HEY, Sailorman!

Spent 9 years in NC and enjoyed many of their unique words and/or phrases.

In Illinois, Hey usually means someone is in trouble..... Hey, watch what you are doing.
In NC Hey meant: Why hello there.  How are you and the family?

Does GA do  "Hey" in the friendly form?

Hello Sailorman and welcome to the Boards!
Hi and welcome aboard sailorman...good to have you here :)
Hi, Sailorman -

Glad to have you here and that you've been poking around the site a bit.

I'm sure the other guys will welcome another addition to their numbers  ;)

How did you hear about the Kindle?

sailorman said:
Yes, we seldom use "hello" except when answering the phone, even then if you have one of them caller id things and know who you're going to be talking to it's "hey". "Hi" hardly is ever used. Just at fancy parties and such when you're talking to people who wear French-cuffs and lift their pinkies while drinking "beverages". They might take your "hey" as somehow making them common.

But for us regular folks, "hey" is the accepted greeting. Probably more than you wanted to know, but, hey, thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Sailorman as in government employee? If so, we owe you a debt of gratitude for your service. Thank you!
Hey there from another Georgian. A transplanted Georgian, but a Georgian still. I live in Suwanee.
Hey sailor and Brenda, I'm just up the road in Ringgold.
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