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Greetings from new horror and dark fantasy author Joseph Garraty

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Hi! My name is Joseph Garraty, and I'm a horror/dark fantasy author and a reader of all things spec fic (and a lot of other things besides). I'm new to this whole Kindle thing, but excited about the community and all the cool things going on in the world of publishing in general. Exciting times!

A bit about me: Like my website says, I've worked as a construction worker, rocket test engineer, environmental consultant, technical writer, and deadbeat musician, and I live in Dallas, Texas. Much of my writing draws on that rather messed-up, diverse background, and examines the price we pay to get the things we want in life (often up against a backdrop of crazy supernatural mayhem). I've been writing or telling stories in one form or another for years, and I recently jumped into indie publishing with both feet.

My first novel, Voice, was just published for the Kindle. It's got a rock and roll band, a deal with the devil, an illicit romance, and a raftload of freaky supernatural goings-on, and I'm thrilled to have it released into the wild. I'm also finishing up an urban fantasy novel about a wizard for the Mafia who gets in way over his head, which I plan to publish later this year.

It's great to be here!
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Hi. I just joined today as well.  So I welcome you.  I have probably posted several questions here but hey, I can't help it.  Your jobs list is about as long and diverse as mine  8) It just shows where your heart really prefers.  Great to meet you and look forward to learning more about you and your work.  Congratulations on your work as well as your future work.  Best of luck.
Hi Joseph, welcome and good luck with your book. Love the cover.
Welcome and good luck.
I love horror. I started my writing career studying with Stephen King. A great experience.
Hi Joseph

Welcome to KB and good luck with your book.

Hi Joseph, welcome to Kindleboards!

We've already crossed paths on another thread, I believe!
Hi Joseph and welcome!
Welcome, Joseph, and the best of luck to you.

Dan --
Hi, Joseph.

Welcome to the Kindle Boards.

Much success with your books.

Greetings Joseph, are you a member of the HWA too?
kevinjamesbreaux said:
Greetings Joseph, are you a member of the HWA too?
No, but that definitely looks like something I should check out. Thanks!
Welcome and glad you are here, Joe;

Your diverse background must give you lots of fodder for writing.  Look forward to seeing you around the KB
Best of luck with all your projects
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