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Greetings from Wisconsin

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Hello everyone. Like a lot of the introductions I've read here I'm both an avid reader, kindle owner, and budding writer. But none of that makes me particularly unique so what does?

Well... I brew a mean Belgian IPA and can pretty well clone most of my favorite restaurant dishes. I read about 100k words a day and tend to do all of my writing on scrap paper (which I end up losing) or on my tablet. And last? I'm a 28-year old blue collar member of middle management, going back to college for Microbiology next year, and a doting father and husband. Is any of that particularly important? Not really, but it does provide perspective on how I see the world. We each bring something unique to the conversation and I'd love to find out more about each of you as well.

Now that you know a bit about who I am that steals leaves on vital question: why sign up here?

In short? My mother and wife conspired against me and my book hoarding ways and bought me a Kindle two years ago. In that time I've completely converted to eBooks and I've discovered more A-grade indie novelists since then than I did my entire life before. That alone would have been enough bring me here but to top things off my wife seems to think I have an inkling of talent for weaving stories together. Everything I've written so far has been fanfiction for Mass Effect (because Bioware messed up the ending on that one and I wanted better), The Reality Dysfunction (Because I love that universe and wanted to know what happened after the main story), or Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Because until Riordan finished the Greek Gods storyline I loved the series and wanted to see how things would play out with one plot change).

Obviously, working with other peoples' IP this isn't something I can make a living at. And, as much as I love those universes, I increasingly find myself daydreaming of new characters, new scenes and new worlds to share. But in order to make that happen I need a push, or at least a community to feel beholden to. I'm hoping that can be you because nothing can keep me on my daily 2000+ word goal better than being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

I'll very likely be slow to get started with any of my own "New Topic" posts, but as I get used to the site and find my way around I hope to contribute on the Writers' Cafe sub-forum as much as I can.

So again, howdy everyone. I look forward to getting to know all of you.
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Welcome Dustin.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Welcome to Kindle Boards, Dustin!
Hi, Dustin, and welcome aboard.  Wishing you all the very best.

Dan --
Sounds like you're quite the reading machine, Dustin; it should definitely help with the writing. Welcome to the boards.
Welcome to the boards. You've joined a great community!
Welcome to this community of readers and writers. My name's Edward, and I look forward to getting to know you, too.
Welcome!  I'm new here too (3 wks).  I am loving it!  So much support, so many resources!  In just a few weeks, I have already learned a lot.  Enjoy your time here.
Hi Dustin,

Welcome to the boards!  Nice to meet you.  100k words a day! Wow.  Enjoy the community!  :)

It is good to have you here with us Dustin.

Shana Jahsinta Walters.
Hello, Dustin. Welcome to Kindle Boards. I hope you like it here.
Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone. I'm starting to get the hang of the board and finding subjects of interest with the "Search" function pretty well.  I'm sure after a while I'll un out of search queries and just start pestering you all with any questions I may have. ;D
Here's another warm welcome! The boards are a warm and friendly place, welcome to the community
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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