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Every author needs an online presence to establish him/herself as a brand and promote books. I've outlined the bare bone basics for setting up your online presence. I've included some tips and will emphasize this one point: you can do everything below for FREE. It just takes time. This should not be considered a comprehensive list, but a starting point and/or review for those who have started but may have missed one of these.

I've placed these in a particular order, so you can build the network among all the different tools as you go. That's not to say you can't do things differently, and this can be used as a guide in any case.

Maintaining an active online presence can be an enormous undertaking. Where possible, take advantage of Twitter and RSS feed functions on sites like Facebook, Smashwords, Amazon author's page, and Goodreads to auto-populate content on these sites as well as push out your tweets and blog articles for others to read.

The basic online places where you need to be:

• Your own blog/website
• Twitter (
• Facebook (
• Smashwords (
• Amazon KDP (
• Amazon's Author Central (
• Goodreads (
• Shelfari (
• Kindleboards (
• Nookboards (

I've posted this in a few places ... I'm hoping others can benefit from it! :) The rest can be found at an awesome FB group established by the lovely Cheryl Bradshaw for writers:!/home.php?sk=group_182561635089661&view=doc&id=224016600944164
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