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Happy Dance!

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I've won against my writer's block! :D

I had frozen on a WIP, I had a fairly good idea of were I was going but, after an 'hinge' chapter between part 1 and part 2 I had no idea how to go on to were I needed.
I had been unable to write for months...till tonight. the first chapter of part 2 is shaping up, I know where I'm going from here and I've another story I plan to start on as soon as my current WIP is done.

What a relief... 8)
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Good for you!! Yes, a happy dance is definitely appropriate for celebrating this achievement!
Congratulations! That definitely deserves a happy dance! :)
Happy dance away! Good luck going forward with it!
YAY you! :) Keep going!
I've been there and grappled with the writer's block beast - congratulations for conquering!!
Congrats! The engine is running! Now step on the gas and go, go, go! :D
I always love when that wall is removed and things just fall together.  It's like solving a puzzle or especially hard riddle.
Dancing with you. Happy typing!
Thank you, everyone!
*Passes around celebratory cookies and chocolate*

Now I've characters from two different stories acting out scenes in my brain. Must. Write. Them. Out.
Congratulations, now keep going!
Yeah, writers block is a bugger! I give it two days to shift and then I either write a load of drivel to push through it or I start work on something new. It's always the stories you really need to press on with that produce it though!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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