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Asher MacDonald said:
These are '90's books. It's entirely possible the contracts specified electronic book rights. They weren't prevalent then, but they were on the radar.

Thing is, don't most rights revert when books go out of print? I have no idea how Harlequin works, but would their '90's books still be in print?
The Harlequin series contract is ludicrous. I think no right goes out of print so long as they are exercising some right under the contract within a certain time span. So if Harlequin printed your book in 1995, and then issued a Thai language version in 1998, a Romanian version in 2001, a German version in 2004, a Japanese version in 2007, and an Indonesian version in 2010, rights will not have reverted. Sadly, not so much an exaggeration.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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