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Harry Potter

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I just purchased Harry Potter 6 & 7 from Amazon. They were each under $3.50. If anyone is interested.
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Really strange. As others have noted, this seems in all likelihood to be a case of piracy. I'm sure we'll find out for certain soon, but in the meantime, the mods and I are all advising to stay away from those books. They're highly suspect and, if we're right, someone is illegally profiting from J. K. Rowling's works - and that's not right.

I'm not sure I t understand how that could get into the Amazon catalog, though. Are authors (or pirates, for that matter) allowed to self-publish anything without going through a review process with Amazon?
Ah, just saw Leslie's post explaining a bit about the publishing process. Thanks, Leslie.
1 - 2 of 129 Posts
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