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Harry Potter

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I just purchased Harry Potter 6 & 7 from Amazon. They were each under $3.50. If anyone is interested.
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But you'd think there would be a general e-book release, not just on Kindle, unless Amazon negotiated something specifically and/or exclusively. That seems unlikely.

My feeling is that these are not entirely legal copies and I won't be surprised if they come down pretty soon.

But I don't know anything.

Library Girl I'm sure you'll get your money back. . . .amazon has a 7 day return policy for e-books anyway.  And you're doing the right thing. . . .

I expect it's as Leslie says and Amazon does a quick vetting with the application.  But they must have thousands so they can't do a detailed check of everyone or the system would bog down.  They rely on alert customers. . .like us! . . .to let them know when something looks iffy.  And it worked!

When JKR sees the light, you can be sure there will bells and whistles and skywriting to let folks know the HP books are available!

1 - 2 of 129 Posts
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