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Has writing and producing books changed your life? How?

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The reason I ask is that all the proceeds from Invisible Tears have been going to the four foster kids I have in one way or another. The latest is that we are taking them all to Disneyland and Paris in the summer for two weeks. It has also paid for some private play therapy for one of them. My readers have no real idea what the proceeds go to and that in itself gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, to know that I am not advertising it and getting sympathy sales to do it. I don't want it to become a charity even though it is treated as such. The only gain I have is that it will help pay for the promo of my next book too.
How has writing changed your life?
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Well, I don't make enough from my fiction writing to fund anything other than my sales checking obsession.  Writing has always just been a nice mental break hobby for me.  I enjoy the challenge of both creating stories and selling them.  As for changes to life... I've definitely becoming more internet/tech savvy.

No noble aspirations for me, I'm afraid.  :)
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