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MikeDD said:
I didn't claim a raving hit, only that it was selling on its own without promotion. It would be nice to know why it was selling to understand the phenomena. Usually, after a promotion, sales die but this one is the first one to move on its own. Without advertising, I'm not sure how readers are even finding out about this book.
My guess would be that you've written an unauthorized copyright infringing (and possibly trademark infringing) sequel to the movie Soylent Green (which isn't in the public domain) and it has some small amount of search-fu that you're leaching off of.

This movie is rather under the radar for enforcement but if you did the same thing with unauthorized Harry Potter or Star Wars sequels you'd sell even better. For a while...

The right way to do this kind of thing is to stick to material that's already in the public domain.
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