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have paperwhite-debating about Fire HD

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HELP?!  I am thinking that I may like the Fire after all.  Maybe for magazines, for example - eliminating hard copy clutter.  BUt I am seeing references to subscriptions requiring both.... Am I missing something?
Next question is about wi fi - is that the way to go?  I have 3g on paperwhite.

Last but not necessarily least - could I use the Fire to enter orders for a business such as Thirty One?  as opposed or in addition to an iPad?

I need advice/input! ???
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I'm not sure about any subscriptions requiring both? I think some magazines are available on either one. I think the Fire is better for magazine because of the color, but I guess it depends on the magazine. Not sure The Economist, for example, really requires color. ;D

There is no free 3G/4G on the Fire; and only the Fire HD8.9 has the 4G, so there's quite a price difference between, say a 2nd generation Fire or even a 7" Fire HD and the Fire HD8.9 with 4G. The Fire HD8.9 with 4G is an additional $50 for the first year of connectivity; we're not sure what it will be after that.

So I'd generally recommend WiFi for people with a Fire unless they really need to have connectivity available at all times. WiFi is so widely available, unless one is in the car on the way somewhere, you can almost always find WiFi (McDonalds, Starbucks, grocery stores, Home Depots).

SInce there's a web browser on the Fire, pretty much anyplace you can access via the web should be available to you.

Hope this answers your questions!

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it does... thanks.

silly question - but how does the amazon prime movie streaming and or download work?  our wi fi is not lightning fast at home....

i do not need constant access - so the wi fi really would be fine... now  7 in HD or 8.9  YIKES....there was a day when you could not have convinced me I would have more than one Kindle....

Movies you own or rent can be dowloaded to your device.  Free prime stuff must be streamed.  You will have 30 days to try it out, so if the streaming isn't acceptable, you can return it.  I think you have to pay for the shipping.

Note that with HD, you can output to an HDMI connection to your TV.

I have four or five Kindles.  :D

do recommend 16 or 32....
Well, I'm an app, er, hoarder, so I recommend higher memory.  Especially if you think you'd like to store video ont he device.  If you have more memory and don't use it all, that's one thing; but if you run out of memory, it can't be added on the Fire.  And if your WiFi is slow, you may want to have more things accessible.

But 16 is a fair bit, so I'd consider whether it's worth it to you to spend the extra money.

this is all new to me - it will be my first venture with a "tablet".

forgive all the questions...  I originally thought 7 in HD,,,, now it seems i should just go the next step to 8.9.

my head is spinning!  LOL
Think about how you are going to use it.  If you want to carry it around with you, the 8.9HD is a bit of a load.  The 7" HD is quite a nice device and very portable.  Full disclosure, I carry my 8.9 around all the time, but then I'm used to my iPad.  Sometimes I carry the Fire AND the iPad, though not often.

But the size is nice if you are going to mostly use it at home to watch video on.

OK,  (hopefully) final question.

If "one" were thinking that an ipad purchase is possible, down the road..... would a 7 in Kindle make sense now, given the information you just shared?
is there really that much size/weight difference?  was thinking the 8.9 was a compromise... A friend has the 7 in original, and loves it.  Do you really use it much for movies? 

I would like to keep it with me, in addition to my work computer, MacBook pro on school days. 
Fire 8.9:

Size 9.4" x 6.4" x 0.35" (240 mm x 164 mm x 8.8 mm)
Weight 20 ounces (567 grams)   

9.50 inches x 7.31 inchesx 0.37 inch
Weight: 1.44 pounds (652 g)

So, not really that much different.  i had a 7" original Fire and loved it for watching movies , etc.  The 7" HD is a lovely device...

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