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Have You Ever Wondered What-If?

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...I know I have, and the result of my wandering mind is BEYOND PARALLEL: my debut coming of age novel.

In the same mould as Sliding Doors, Uncertainty, and Smoking/No-Smoking, Beyond Parallel flips between two parallel tales. One follows Bella and Clark as a couple, the other as if they never meet.

Friendships, careers, dreams, fantasies...their lives are no different to yours or mine.

Follow their journey over a fast paced, mazy two-years. Highflying careers, book tours, teaching teenagers, hipster warehouses, coffee shop hangouts, a despicable salesman...they're all confronted.

It's incredible how a small, everyday decision can affect how you look, where you live, the people you love, and who you become. We could all live a billion lives, but we're only given one. Is it all a game of chance, or are Bella and Clark meant to be?

Have a wander over and see if BEYOND PARALLEL is your perfect next book:

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Matthew ---------------------

Welcome to KindleBoards, and congratulations on the book! :)

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Last night I had the launch party of BEYOND PARALLEL. Pics are here>>>

Anyway, the Launch Day Package is still open for a further 35 hours. Make sure you download Beyond Parallel and send me your receipt soon :)

Launch Day Package
Nice page Matt  = )
Thanks Jim. I hope a few people find Litograph through it. Such a cool company!
Looking for a book for the weekend, well, why not try this what-if tale?

Join the journey and let your mind wander. Happy Friday to you.

Spent a lot of time this week connecting with reviewers and other cool folk. Excited to see a few new people bringing Beyond Parallel into their life.

You could be part of the journey too :)

Hi there!  

I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan (reader and writer). Just joined and wrote a little introduction on the Intro section earlier. As soon as I read that your book dealt with parallel universes I was sold! I also downloaded the companion freebee. Thanks! I look forward to reading the books this weekend!  

Good luck with your books!

Zen7Seven said:
Hi there!

I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan (reader and writer). Just joined and wrote a little introduction on the Intro section earlier. As soon as I read that your book dealt with parallel universes I was sold! I also downloaded the companion freebee. Thanks! I look forward to reading the books this weekend!

My new ebook also deals with parallel universes. Sort of... But it's a comedy.... (dealing multiple personality disorder.) And your stuff seems "straight." So I'm hesitant to recommend it.

Anyway, good luck with your books!

Hi Marty, welcome

Thanks for the interest, although let me tell you my book isn;t sci-fi (not even close). It's a set of parallel tales (like the film Sliding Doors) and is hinged on the philipophical wonder of what-if.

You may still enjoy, I don't know, but I wanted to let you know that it isn't sci-fi.

Your book sounds interesting. Comedy Sci-Fi? Interesting indeed :)
Parallel Universes...
« on: Today at 01:31:20 PM »
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Hi Mathew,

Thanks for the welcome! I watched Sliding Doors and loved it! So I guess there's "Sliders"-type parallel universes stories and "Sliding Doors"-type. Both good to me!

As far my book being "comedy sci-fi" well, yes, I guess that's one thing one could call it, or maybe "surreal fantasy" would be better (still dealing with parallel realities though.) But I'm afraid only folks that "got" Being John Malkovich would probably "get it."

If you're ever in the mood to sit for 20-25 minutes and laugh out loud as well as ponder the "mystery of the self" check out my ebook, Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan on Amazon.

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Nice, well hope you will like it :)

And I love Being John Malkovich so will have to check yours out too

Looking for a book to keep you company over the weekend? Well, I'm here to help :)

Beyond Parallel will do just that. Join the journey and see what a single what-if-moment can produce

In need of some reading inspiration for the weekend?

Let me introduce you to Beyond Parallel :)

A Coming-of-Age tale to get you thinking about your own what-if moments...

For the next three days (until Thursday 21st February) BEYOND PARALLEL will be JUST $.99

The plan is to help move up the charts, reach new readers, and generally keep the momentum going. I hope you'll take a look, read the Free Sample, and help me on my quest. I'll keep you updated :)

For this week ONLY Beyond Parallel is available for FREEEEEEEEE

Wow, I know, right?

So, if you like New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and films like Sliding Doors, this is the FREE BOOK for you >>>
Nice page, will be adding to my list of books to read....
Nice page, will be adding to my list of books to read....
Thank you :)
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