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Vegas_Asian said:
My best friend's clueless cousin didn't get this when we were talking (on speakerphone) about my dorm roommate who

"is straight as a circle"

or my dorm neighbor who

"cheers for both sides"

Another means of hinting.
I've always loved the saying:
"I can't even think straight!"

My best friend in college had it as a bumper sticker.

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Chad Winters said:
I think the first time I heard the "the other team" euphemism was in the Seinfeld episode.....but I'm sure its older than that....
Thanks, Chad. I am wondering if it is in the book The Dreyfus Affair by Peter Lefcourt. Unfortunately, I can't check because my copy of the book is in Germany right now!


Mikuto said:
Speaking of "straight as a circle" I heard someone use the term "crooked".

"Well if he's not straight he's crooked"

But I've noticed most of these are gender specific, what would one say about a lesbian? (Comments about the digesting of floor coverings aside!)
I originally heard the term "playing for the other team" from a lesbian co-worker. We were sitting around the nurse's station on a very slow day discussing someone we knew in the hospital, debating on her orientation. The (openly) lesbian co-worker let the debate go on for several minutes before quietly saying, "she definitely plays for our team." To which another nurse said, "I didn't even know she liked softball."

So, at least the baseball/cricket/softball euphemism is genderless.
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