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I saw this article on Google News today - Hearst trying to jump on the Kindle bandwagon in an effort to save its publications ...

"Hearst Corp.'s plans to launch a wireless electronic reader for viewing the publisher's newspapers and magazines reflects the kind of experimentation deemed pivotal to finding a business model that can compete in an era of the content-free Internet."

"Hearst, which has seen its own revenue plummet as advertisers shift an increasing amount of their spending to the Web, is planning to launch an e-reader with a large-format screen this year, Fortune magazine reported Friday. The device would be big enough for the layout and advertising requirements of newspapers and magazines."

The author says, "Hearst has its best chance of striking a chord with the majority of consumers if it includes its e-reader at no additional cost with a multiyear subscription to the publisher's magazines and newspapers, McGuire said. To make the device even more attractive, it should have a Web browser to access other content and include additional capabilities, such as the ability to share content with others over the Web."

I subscribe to NY Times on Kindle ... one of the things I like best is that I don't have to wade through all of the ads. A much larger screen (device), to accomodate ads, wouldn't be an attraction to me. Maybe there's a niche with people who only want to read papers and magazines ... just don't see it as something for those of us who want to read e-books. I expect we'll see lots more of these announcements in the coming months ... and maybe a few devices will even make it to market. Now if we could just get folders ...

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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