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I like it.  Especially from the trees down.  But there are a few niggles.  Something feels off about the top--I guess it's the sparkles coming down in front of the trees when the sources/objects are behind the trees.  The other is the location of the words--they are all at the bottom, so it feels off.  Though I'm no artist, I'd say cutting out the items at the top would help (probably not even have the full top of the trees).  And then see where the words can be balanced.  So in short, it's pretty and sets up a nice atmosphere, but it feels just a little off.

ETA:  Hmmm, I take it back on cutting part of the tree tops.  That makes for a big blackness at the top.  Maybe just removing the satellites?  Or something.  Like I said, no artist, but something feels off up there.  Not much, just a little.

Hope that helps.

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