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Class on Collaborating with AI, Moralities of Marriage Book 6
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Have that glass of Bailey's (and don't mind me if I join you with some moscato wine because my toddler has been a pill today and my hubby has had to work late 3 days in a row now....)!

Yes, one person's 1-star is another person's 5-star. Always. Forever. Will never stop. I hate Tolkien, Hawthorne, and Faulkner with a passion. As in I'd rather endure nails in my eyes than read them again. Does that make them poor writers? Nope. Just not my cup of tea....

I LIKE your cover. I think it's sparkly, space awesomeness. I think the title might be neat in the tree line so only your author name is under the bridge all big and best-seller like. Fake it until you make it, no one will ever know the difference.

Ignore the chick with the blog bashing covers. It's the same girl we hated in 4th grade who started the Slam Books and didn't invite us to her birthday party at the skating rink.... they never grow up.

You are writing. You are publishing. Just think about how many people TRY to write a novel and fail...and here you have accomplished great things!

This is just like the other thread(s) about bloggers wanting to bash indie books. Well exccuuuuuse me, but what National Association of Brilliant, Bestselling Bloggers gave them the nod? Oh, none? There is no blogger association handing out legitimate awards, not those sparkly jpgs people make up with Photoshop and spam all their friends with blogs to post and tag 7 other bloggers in? d*mn. Guess we should consider the source, huh? :)

Take care Kea. Here's to your second book being more awesome than the first and may we all be so lucky. ::raising my cup of tea to you::
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