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I tracked down the blog in question to get a better perspective before commenting. The blogger isn't as vitriolic and nasty, as say, the other cover blogger discussed here a couple weeks back. She doesn't slag on all covers, as I did find some complimentary comments, and she has an "outstanding cover of the week" at the end of the post (which I don't think was any better than a lot of the other covers she criticized, but subjectivity and all that). I won't quote her comment on yours since you seem to want to keep this anonymous, but I will say that it was fairly innocuous compared to her other comments. Almost like she couldn't bring herself to like it personally, but couldn't come up with a legitimate criticism on quality, so she just kind of brushed it off. Given the long list of covers she posts, she doesn't strike me as someone who thinks very hard about what she says.

I really like the cover for what it's worth and certainly don't think it sucks. I enjoy the symmetry of the piece, as well as the color. If this book is sci-fi romance, it conveys that perfectly. I will say that the galaxy/moon/planet arrangement does look a bit odd. I'm no astronomer, but even assuming this is another planet, the three objects look to be the same distance from the scene, which I think would be impossible. But there could be some in-world explanation I'm not aware of, or maybe it's not meant to be an exact depiction of the sky in this particular scene.

If you want some feedback on typography, try all caps for your title and author name, or at least faux-ercase (make it all caps but increase the size of the first letter of each word so they appear larger). Move RISKTAKER up to the treeline just above the water so the bridge in the background doesn't fudge it up at a smaller size. This will allow you to increase the size of your name as well. I don't know if that will make it look better or not, but give it a try and see if it works.
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