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Man, that is rough. I'm very tender when it comes to feedback, even though I seek it every day. I think you've taken this magnificently, really taken it in your stride and I commend you for that.

So as ever- take what you need from my advice and leave what you don't :)

I think the cover is good, but I think it needs work. There are two things that really stick out to me:

1. The sparkliness above the silhouettes. It looks really cheesy and could be much more effective with a better, softer sparkle brush. One that isn't so 'stars', you know what I mean? More like star dust.

2. The typography. I'm not sure what your first intention was when you were working with it, perhaps a sci-fi sort of texture? The way its set at the moment really conflicts with the rest of the images. The way you've put the images together is really good, and there's no part (except for the sparkle) that throws me off because it looks wrong or doesn't fit etc. This is a very good thing btw. But with the type I think you should go for something simple and clean at the bottom to balance out the intensity of the planets above.

If you like I'd be happy to look at it for you, just to tweak the typography. But it's up to you, and I personally don't like people inviting themselves to remake someone else's cover when it's not invited so if you'd like me to check it out just email/pm me :)

I think you have a lot going and it won't take much for this baby to really shine. Go with sans serif for the title, a serif for the author name. And work with colours that will compliment the design, as the blue feels very overpowering on your name and the gold competes with the colours of the river.

Good luck with it! Very excited to see how this happens.
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