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Hello All

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Hello to you all and thanks for the invite. My name is Paul and I own an Amazon associate website with all the latest kindles ereaders and ebooks. It is a small but compact site where you can find everything you are looking for. I would LOVE some feedback. Let me know how I can improve. What can I add to make this site better. Have a look here All comments are welcome.
Thanks a Million
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Welcome Paul!

Though, I must note that KindleBoards is also an Amazon affiliate; we're not going to really encourage people to go else where to buy stuff. :-\

But good luck with your web site!
What exactly is the intent or purpose of the site, from a user/customer point of view? You seem to just list a bunch of Amazon products which you may make commission on but as a user, I don't understand what I will get out of your site that I can't get from Amazon. Professional reviews? No. In-depth Comparisons? No. News? No.  ??? I can see how YOU benefit from this site but I fail to see how the user does, sorry.
It's hardly an attractive site, that's for certain.
The idea's plausible and workable but the design really does need some work, I would suggest - complete re-build and then a proper marketing campaign :)
...and unfortunately Amazon can shut your account down because you are not advertising or mentioning anywhere on your site that you are an Amazon Affiliate or something to that effect, which is part of the Affiliate T&C's  :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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