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Hello Everyone. Just throwing this in here to say Hi and thanks for this invaluable forum full of information for a newbie.

About myself. I am in my early 40's a Husband and Father of two boys, now grown (20 & 22). I have been in IT for 22 years and one day decided to write a novel. I can't really explain why, it's just something I wanted to do. I started writing it the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I am about 27-30% of my way through my novel (just over 26k words so far).

Not sure what else to say that is interesting. I am a big sports fan, love RV'ing and spending time with family. I am originally from New England but now live in Virginia.

My first novel is based on a character (Jimmy Mancini) that is a former Mafia Capo that is now in WitSec and decided to become a PI to give back for his wrong doings. He mostly has only done divorce, cheating, and some corporate embezzlement cases. Nothing overly sophisticated. But he is hired by a mysterious guy to find a stolen painting. The painting is linked to the local mob in his city as well as a murder of a member of a mafia crew. The theft and murder overlap forcing him and an FBI agent that dislike each other to work together to solve the art heist and the murder, that ends up having a corrupt political twist that also includes the Mob.

I am enjoying writing this book so I may make it a series titled: 'A Mancini Case File' then the subtitle. This one is '555 Cameldale Way' which is the address of the mansion the painting was stolen from.

Thanks for reading this and look forward to hopefully contributing to the forum in some sort of way.
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