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Hi All,  I discovered this board from the amazon kindle discussions board.  As some of you have already read in another post, I did order 2 kindles on 18 Nov 08.  Status is still "Not yet shipped."  My wife is an avid reader and one is hers for Christmas (Hopefully it'll get here by Christmas!).  The other is mine because I just love technology and hopefully it'll make me read more.  I've already ordered a book (A Game of Thrones/A Clash of Kings by GRRM) and now I'm just waiting for the kindles to arrive.  I've never read anything by him; but GRRM has gotten great reviews.

My wife does not know what is coming yet.  Hopefully I can keep it a secret until the kindles arrive.

We currently live in Prattville, Alabama and have been here since 2004.  We are orginally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.  I am in the US Air Force and have been for 21 years.  It's just about time to retire  ;D.

I don't post much in boards but I do read posts because they are a great source of information.

Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to my kindle and the wife's reaction when she gets hers!!!!!!

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