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Hello from CA

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I'm a first time Kindle owner. I finally gave in to pressure from my brother and ordered one. I guess you can say that I've now been bite by the Kindle bug, because I'm now I'm compulsive checking the UPS site to see when it will get here.

Do you think they might screw up and deliver it a day early? I can always hope, can't I?
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Lol. Welcome to your new addiction! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!
Welcome :)

I'm pretty sure most everyone on these boards is praying they screw up and deliver a day early!

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable while you join our Kindle mania.
LOL, I've never had UPS bring me something earlier than scheduled...later yes, but ;)

Welcome aboard!

from a fellow Californian

good luck on the early arrival
Greetings and Welcome! Come on in and join the madness.
Hi CJR - it is doubtful UPS will deliver early - they are going to be so busy dodging all the folks following and chasing down the streets to see if their kindles are in the trucks  ::)

Nice to have you here and let us know what you think!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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