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I'm a writer and recent ebook enthusiast. I've had some minor success so far. I'm the author of:

Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice - Barbarian parody
What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader - Middle grade comedy
XOXO Betty and Veronica: In Each Other's Shoes - Sweet franchise work for Penguin
The Fraggle Rock Graphic Novel - Sweet franchise work for Archaia

I also write video game dialogue and sometimes get to do product branding. (Last week I helped name juice!)

So I'm trying ebooks as an option with my horror comedy romance Fangs for Nothing just posted on Amazon.
We shall see how it goes.
Nice to meet you!

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Hello from the East Bay. (Contra Costa County).  I'm new to e-books as well. I've had 16 true-crime books published by Pinnacle, but this is all new territory for me. 

My next book to be published, will be on the Jaycee Dugard case. 

Good luck on all your projects.  Sounds like you have some really interesting things going on. 

Robert Scott
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