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Hello from the U.K

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Hello everyone, I am Simon Chambers. I am from the U.K and I am new to the site. My son recommended coming here and I have lurked for a while, but have decided to sign up and join in. I am a big reader and have my first book coming out on the 20th of June, which is very exciting. It is about my second tour in Iraq.

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Hello, Simon. Welcome to KB :)
Hi Simon!  Great that you're here.  Welcome to the Kindle boards!
Welcome to the KB and good luck with your book.
Hi Simon!  Welcome to the boards.  Your book sounds interesting.  Wishing you the best.
Greetings and welcome to Kindle Boards, Simon.
Welcome aboard, Simon.  Glad to have you with us.  The very best of luck to you on your upcoming book.

Dan --
2nd tour! This patriot thanks a patriot from across the pond for your service! It cannot have been easy, and telling your stories is probably wrenching, too. Best of success to you with your book!

Welcome, Simon! Best of luck with your book!
Welcome to the forum , plenty of writers on here from the UK
Hi Simon,
Welcome to the Boards. Lots of UK folk on here, I'm from Scotland. Good luck with your book when it comes out.
Chris L.  ;)
Welcome to Kindleboards!

Thank you for your service, not once, but twice! You and all your brothers and sisters in uniform keep America safe! Thank you.

How do most soldiers in Iraq get books to read? Did you read a lot over there I guess should be my first question? Do many download digital books?

Much success on your book. I will read it for sure.

My respect to you Sir.

Mike Cyra

What I meant to say is you keep The World Safe...UK and US. Sorry about that.

Mike Cyra
Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate all the nice welcomes.

How do most soldiers in Iraq get books to read? Did you read a lot over there I guess should be my first question? Do many download digital books?
The welfare centre in the camps are a great place to pick up books, but some of the camps have a larger selection of books. Some of the camps had good internet connections where you could download books, but others had poor connection or limited access to the internet. It depended on where you were posted. Alot of the time I swapped books, but some publishers send out books to the camps. There wasn't a great deal to do on the down time and reading helped pass the time of day. It would be nice if I could one day send out books to some of my friends that are still serving out in the middle east, as the publishers did.
Welcome from a Londoner and congrats on your forthcoming book.

I've seen a Goodreads group that coordinates free ebooks for US troops. Perhaps this is something you could do for UK troops in the future? Why not ask some authors here if they would help out?
Hi Simon and welcome to the boards, I'm sure your book will sell loads.  ;)
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