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Hello KBoards peoples!

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Just saying hi to all you out there in KBoards land. Been a long time lurker and finally decided to join the community. I've learned a lot from all of your posts since discovering this place and I hope the trend continues even more so now that I'm officially on board. Hopefully you guys won't get too frustrated with me picking your brains  ;D
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I do not accept VerticalScope's Terms Of Service on Kboards, and have asked for my account to be deleted, along with all of my posts.

If you are here as a result of a Google search, leave now. The owners of this site are interested only in your possible ad revenue.
Welcome to the fold!!
Welcome, C George. Glad you decided to de-lurk!
Hi!  This really is a great place to learn or even just get opinions.  Glad you decided to jump in the water!
Welcome. As for picking brains, we've all done that. It's the very reason this is a great place for writers.
Slightly concerned about the brain picking thing...will it hurt?
Hellooooo! Welcome to the boards!
Hi.  Here are your jelly beans and hugssss.
Welcome! Although I'm still fairly new to the boards I'm definitely getting a lot of useful advice here. Definitely worth your while.
Eric Cartman said:
Slightly concerned about the brain picking thing...will it hurt?
No, the jelly beans numb the pain.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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